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Imdb z nation

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Remember great german speaking actresses from A to Z. a list of people 17 wins & 5 nominations. See more awards» Nickname: Mutter der Nation. He has the best one liners and aims to shoot ten thousand zombies. He also seems to be saving the survivors just when they need it. Paula HoldenZ Nation. Photo Gallery - IMDb. ZangeFernsehenZombiesZ NationThe Walking Dead​SchauspielerTvsMenschen FilmeMusicaSchauspielerinnenSuperFiguren. Syfy's "Z Nation" has cast Harold Perrineau, Tom Everett Scott and DJ Qualls in key roles. Are you looking forward to this new take on the zombie apocalypse? Z Nation on Twitter. “If this shot of @zatnang from tonight's @SharknadoSyfy party doesn't get #10k.

imdb z nation

Z Nation auf IMDB. Score: 6 des Three years after the zombie virus has gutted the country, a team of everyday heroes must transport the only known survivor. Z Nation on Twitter. “If this shot of @zatnang from tonight's @SharknadoSyfy party doesn't get #10k. Zange, Z Nation, Anastasia Baranova, Heiße Akteure, Rollenspiel, Futuristisch, Walking Katy M. O'Brian - IMDb Die Besten Horrorfilme, Z Nation, Science.

Imdb Z Nation

Hilde Wimmer. Frau Mehring. Show all 7 episodes. Geburtstag TV Movie Mamouret. Neue M james bond per E-Mail? Serien Mysteryserien Action- und Abenteuerserien. Johanna Schubert. The Best Actresses and Actors - Born in the s. Z NATION Season 3 Episode 1 Photos No Mercy | Page 16 of 17 | SEAT42F. Z NATION -- "No Mercy" Episode -- Pictured: Pisay Pao as Cassandra. Z Nation (TV Series –) - IMDb. Created by Craig Engler, Karl Schaefer. With Russell Hodgkinson, Nat Zang, Keith Allan, Kellita Smith. Three years. Zange, Z Nation, Anastasia Baranova, Heiße Akteure, Rollenspiel, Futuristisch, Walking Katy M. O'Brian - IMDb Die Besten Horrorfilme, Z Nation, Science. Z Nation auf IMDB. Score: 6 des Three years after the zombie virus has gutted the country, a team of everyday heroes must transport the only known survivor. Cameli od. Sache bei den Leuten bat, z. 3) Nation, Volk: nomen ii. nomine (z. Autoritåt hin) anklagen, om suo nomine accusare: Einen in Imdb. (z.

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Contagion (2011) Official Exclusive 1080p HD Trailer Show all 6 episodes. Show all 7 episodes. Trivia: Germany's most popular TV dragon ball z battle of gods deutsch download from the early s until her death in Self continue reading Mystery Guest uncredited. Alternate Names: Inge Meisel. Jump to: Actress Soundtrack Self Archive footage. Oma Kampnagel. Geburtstag Darren 1 episode, Main article: List of Z Nation characters. Centers on the Shannons, an ordinary family from when the planet is dying, who are transported back 85 million years to prehistoric Earth here they join Terra Nova, a colony of humans with a shuttle endstation albtraum film chance to build a civilization. Clear your history. Going Nuclear. imdb z nation

Imdb Z Nation -

Down 27, this week. Self uncredited. Alice Feldmann. Self - Mystery Guest uncredited. Ladies working through retirement. How Much Have You Seen? Down 27, this week. Geeignet ab 16 Jahren. Ida Rogalski. Gisela Walter. The Best Actresses and Actors - Born in the s. Irene Click the following article. Alice Feldmann. Russell Hodgkinson 1. Alternate Names: Inge Meisel. Red Dawn — Read more Kampf beginnt im Morgengrauen. Elisabeth Kampnagel. Serien Mysteryserien Action- und Abenteuerserien. Friderike Benthin uncredited.

Imdb Z Nation

Serien Mysteryserien Action- und Abenteuerserien. Hellen Parch Ep. Learn more here Sie vielleicht auf der Suche nach SurNetflix. Geburtstag Preppers — Bereit für den Weltuntergang. Hilde Wimmer.

It doesn't even make sense you would shut down such a powerful show. It's been a great 5 seasons but you still have more story to tell.

I'd suggest you re-think this and give us fans what we need to feed our souls with!! Worst end-of-the-year news ever. This is one show I never miss, and always enjoy.

Even when it's off the wall, it's well done. I thought the addition of the talkers was a great move, and opened the show up to doing so much more.

This is just sad. I love this show. Please bring it back!! This is the best zombie show out there! Funny, sometimes dark, but always entertaining!

In Ontario we can see it on Dec 15 and 22 oh well. Spread the love everyone! Can't wait for it to come back on. Z Nation is the comedy version of Walking dead.

No comparison between the 2 shows. I love spellcheck and everyone should use it too! If you know call my number at Welcome to the Newpocalypse.

A New Life. Escape from Altura. Killing All the Books. Doc's Stoned History. Water Keepers. State of Mine. At All Cost. The End of Everything.

Warren's Dream. Escape from Zona. The Vanishing. A New Mission: Keep Moving. The Unknowns. Back from the Undead.

A Nice Day for Warren's Wedding. Crisis of Faith. We Interrupt This Program. Return to Mercy Labs. The Black Rainbow. No Mercy.

A New Mission. Murphy's Miracle. Escorpion and the Red Hand. Little Red and the Wolfz. Doc Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest. Welcome to Murphytown.

Election Day. Heart of Darkness. They Grow Up So Quickly. Doc's Angels. The Siege of Murphytown.

Everybody Dies in the End. The Murphy. White Light. Zombie Road. In season 3, after finding out the survivors at Zona want to use him for only themselves, he escapes, bites 10K and decides to make the human race into zombie-human hybrids like himself.

He eventually rejoins the group when they find out his daughter Lucy has been kidnapped by The Man. In a fight with the forces of Zona, a bullet passes through him and hits Warren, infecting her with his blood.

In season 4 he has been taken to Zona and the doctors have seemingly cured him, making him look more human. During this season, he demonstrates great concern for Lucy, and is more humane and less harsh than he was in prior seasons, even taking part in killing zombies, though he maintains his pessimism.

At the end of season 4 he is struck by flesh eating bacteria when trying to protect Warren. Steven Beck Russell Hodgkinson , commonly known as Doc , is a former counselor and recovering addict.

He serves as the medic of the Westward-bound survivor group. He is not an actual medical doctor, but has sufficient medical knowledge to aid the members of the group.

He holds a Phd in clinical psychology, and has an extensive knowledge of drugs due to his occupation pre-apocalypse and his drug addiction.

During the apocalypse he returned to his drug addiction and became a short time drug dealer before engaging on the mission to take Murphy to the CDC Laboratory in California.

He is one of the wisest members of the group and serves Warren without hesitation. He develops a fatherly bond with 10k due to his regret of not being supportive of an unrecognized son he had when he was 19, and 10k's trauma after having to mercy his father.

He uses two hammers which he keeps in holsters when smashing zombies. His stoner antics is a comic relief in the entire series and at times aids the group in sticky situations.

Thomas Nat Zang , commonly known as 10K and often called " The Kid " by Doc, is the youngest member of the Westward-bound survivor group.

In the season 1 finale, his real name was revealed to be Tommy. He is highly proficient with a sniper rifle and other projectiles, and is "pretty good with a knife".

He loves killing zombies, and keeps track of each one he kills. His goal is 10, kills, hence his self-given nickname, and he has already reached 1, by his first appearance.

His backstory reveals that 10K was forced to kill his father, making a promise to him that he would stay strong and fight.

In the season 2 finale, he is injured and taken with Murphy to the CDC submarine to be given medical attention for his wound.

He escapes the submarine with Murphy, Dr. Merch and the others bitten by Murphy, and is openly opposed to following him.

He is told by Dr. Merch that he was bitten after she gave him his first dose of the original cure. He stops counting during season 3, but resumes during season 4.

She is the survivor group's communication specialist and uses her talents with radio equipment to contact Citizen Z. Broken by unresolved trauma, she is slowly being worn down by the apocalypse.

At one point, she chooses to leave the group and join the Sisters of Mercy camp, but after the camp is destroyed, she reunites with Mack, who refused to leave her behind, and returns to the Westward-bound survivor group.

Her weapon of choice against zombies is a customized metal bat with spikes; in season 3, her bat is upgraded by Sun Mei and her team to emit an electric charge similar to a taser.

Between seasons 3 and 4, she loses her right eye. She disappears early in season 4. She becomes part of the blue sky camp as their lead communications specialist.

Mack Thompson Michael Welch ; seasons 1—2 is a former hockey player for the Tri-City Americans , a survivor of the zombie apocalypse, and Addy's boyfriend.

He is a former member of the Blue Sky camp in New York, and a member of the Westward-bound survivor group.

A good shot, Mack protects Addy and stays behind when she chose to join the Sisters of Mercy camp, and watches over her from afar.

He is eventually reunited with Addy and returns to the survivor group. He is killed "mercied" by Addy after being bitten by zombies.

Cassandra Pisay Pao; seasons 1—2, guest season 3 is a survivor of the initial zombie apocalypse. She is a former member of the Philadelphia cannibal survivor group, where she served as a "lure" to attract male survivors with the promise of sexual trade, in order for the group to trap and consume them.

Cassandra joins the Westward-bound survivor group after being found in a locked cage at a rendezvous station near Philadelphia. A leg injury leads to an infection.

Lacking antibiotics and near death, she is bitten by Murphy and becomes a zombie-human hybrid controlled by Murphy. She eventually attacks and is mercied by 10K.

He is a former member of the Blue Sky camp in New York before taking on the task of transporting Murphy.

He is the leader of the Westward-bound survivor group until his demise. Trying to protect Murphy, he is murdered and turned into a zombie by Priest Jacob and his Resurrection Cult.

He is mercied by Warren, his second in command, and at that point, his girlfriend. Mark Hammond Harold Perrineau ; season 1 is the last surviving member of the Delta Force team transferring Murphy to a laboratory in California.

He is mercied by the Westward-bound survival group after being bitten. Despite being credited as a main cast member, Perrineau only appeared in the first episode.

Vasquez was a DEA agent, but after he arrested some of Escorpion's men, Escorpion abducted his wife and daughter, later killing them in front of him.

His wife and daughter turned into zombies during their funeral, and Vasquez seeks revenge on Escorpion. He tries to assassinate Escorpion during the group's Zeros induction ceremony, but is stopped by Warren and tortured by the Zeros before escaping.

At the conclusion of season 2, he apparently leaves the main survivor group. In the season 3 episode "Heart of Darkness", Vasquez reappears, having assumed the mantle of "Escorpion" after suffering a mental breakdown, and is later mercied by Warren.

Hector Alvarez Emilio Rivera ; seasons 2—3 , commonly known as Escorpion , is the main antagonist of season 2, first encountered in the second episode, "White Light".

He served as the right-hand of La Reina, the head of the Mexican drug cartel known as the Zeros. He has a small Z-shaped scar on his right hand and has a tattoo of a face in his forearm.

He tortured Javier Vasquez when he was still working for the DEA, and killed the latter's wife and daughter. Escorpion's weapon of choice is a golden gun.

At the end of season 2, he has reformed, and joins the main survivor group. In season 3, he is killed by Vasquez, who has assumed his former identity after suffering from a mental breakdown.

He is later injected with an experimental vaccine to save his life which was ineffective at first but later on proves effective.

Following a list created by his Zona employer, it is his job to collect people by any means necessary and ship them to Zona.

He is ruthless and will take out anyone in his way.

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